Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~ Clutter Chaos ~

Ok, my mission continues to declutter my house.

Every drawer, every closet... EVERYTHING!!!

It's theraputic for me to feel clean and know everything has a place.  A constant battle in my home with two children and a spouse that do NOT share the same enthusiasm for organization as I.

  I've come a long way, but there are still items junking up my closets.  I've been purging like a mad woman.

During this adventure, I'm finding plenty to get rid of, but in the midst of the clutter chaos there are a few jewels.  Yes, these picture frames had been retired to a closet because they are brassy and dated.  However, I LOVE their details and decided they just needed a lil' TLC and maybe some paint.

Before... brassy and really gold

Amazing what a lil' paint will do, but still not satisfied with flat white
... needs a lil' texture.  So, I knocked a lil' of the point off of the edges and detailed areas with sandpaper

... and I'm pretty satisfied with the end result!!!

Now for their purpose...  I'm still not certain which pics will find their way to display.

Heres to repurposing funky junk!!!

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