Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ Bible Hero Costume Party - 2010 ~

The boys had three choice for this years' Bible Hero.  Ethan went as the beaten, stoned, persecuted and killed for Christ - Stephen and ended up getting 1st place in his age group for creativity in costume and 3rd for his character presentation.  Wow!  I'm really shocked because we pulled this costume out of the sky an hour before church that night.  It was a fun night for all the First Church kids.  Have I mentioned that we have the BEST children's ministry staff anywhere around?

  Thanks Bro. & Sis. Long and Sis. Shawn.  We love you!!! 

~ Honeysuckle Hill Farm - 2010 ~

We had such a fun Fall day at Honeysuckle Hill Farm.  We were all so stinkin' dirty when we got home and so very tired.  It was worth the drive to the North side for fun with friends.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ Restoring Order ~

Well, I've been a lil' distracted with my clone (I wish) at Anna & Co. Designs.  I "put myself out there" and had several request come in at once.  In the last two to three weeks I've had 4 custom invitation request and have booked two photo sessions.  This is on top of my full-time job and another full-time mommy position.  


So, I've decided to put a lil' thought into another blog totally dedicated to Anna & Co. Designs.  I must be crazy, right?!  Actually, I think it will restore order to this blog.  I created this blog and dedicated it to my family and journaling our daily life and it's time I take that back and break off.  Call me crazy, but I think at this point it's a must. 

 All that to say, stay tuned for my new blog

~ Anna & Co. Designs ~
Making life a lil' prettier  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ Fall Break 2010 ~

Yesterday was the last day of Fall break and Allen and I took off work to be with the kids.

After finding out a local farm wasn’t open past noon for our planned fun Fall activities, we decided to split up and do something with each child.

Allen and Ethan went to the driving range and golfing. Ethan had a great time practicing his swing and getting 9 holes in with his Dad. Take a look…

{iPhone photos}

Myself, Kenzie and Aunt Charlotte went for a girls day of fun.

We went to the park, lunch of K’s choice (Taco Bell), shopping for K a new outfit and… drum roll please… Kenzie’s first trip to the spa for a Pink-ilicious manicure and pedicure.

She was so excited, but her excitement quickly turned to anxiety upon seeing the oversized chairs and tools that looked like medical utensils. She said “I don’t want pink sparkles anymore”.  I convinced her to watch mommy and see how it was done. She agreed to the polish, but nothing else.  So, we kept it simple. Clear pink sparkle polish on fingers and toes.

We also enjoyed ice cream afterward.

This was too much girl fun for one lil’ girl to handle. She was tuckered out!!!

{iPhone photos}

Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Fall Fun ~

It's amazing how much fun you can have in your own yard.

While Allen was doing a few things to his truck, me and the kids went outside and had a lil' Fall fun and here are the pics to prove it.

We searched for acorns and made Fall decor with them.  Kenzie was overwhelmed with excitement over the acorns.  Then we took a lil' time and took a few Fall pics.  I love my "babies"!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nasvhille Scene's Best of Nashville 2010

Congratulations to Ethan's 4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Goodman was recongnized in Nashville Scene's 2010 Best of Nashville
Best Private School Teacher - Merritt Goodman, The Covenant School

~ Nashville Scene's Article ~

If the past five months have taught us anything, it's that in Nashville, life is sweet.

OK, the city's got its little ups and downs. Certainly none of us predicted that when a thousand-year flood finally struck Music City, this would be Year 1000. But in the months since, we've watched the city rebuild, rebound and towel off with a determination that left the rest of the nation speechless. (At least that's how we choose to interpret the mass-media silence.) That spirit has only left us loving the city and its treasures more.

In the Scene's 21st annual Best of Nashville® issue, we again celebrate the sweetest things our hometown has to offer. The people who carve the city a distinct identity, when there's so much pressure to consolidate and copy. The foods, goods and services we can't get anywhere else. The artists, writers and musicians who give us our voice. This year, though, they seem all the more precious. We know how close we came to losing them, and what it took to save them.

And that sounds like a good reason to throw a party. So bust open the M&Ms. Break out the Twizzlers. Lick the icing off that cupcake, and be careful not to get a fro-yo brain freeze. From here on, sour is out in 2010. Turn the page — and let the sugar rush begin.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

~ Stack'n 'em up ~

Way to go Ethan!!!

Your hard work is paying off.  A+ on his math and grammar test and a very well deserved A+ for his Indiana Jones book report.  He designed a 3D Lego model (wish I had a pic) of one of the scenes from the book.  Very creative.  He knows this book backward and forward...just ask him about it and he won't even blink before telling you all about it. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~ Allen's Canada Trip ~

I thought I would post a few pics of Allen's Canadian adventure.  He was gone for 11 days fishing with his brother and dad at the Happy Day Lodge.  I was home with the kids.  Yep, I'm already dreaming of my 11 day trip with no kids.  :-)  Allen says that's fine, but it has to be equivalent to his trip.  So, it has to be in the middle of no where and I can't take any "fix up" clothes nor can I fix my hair or shave.  In other words, I can't enjoy my trip like he did.

~ A "Tea" Party ~

Is there anything better than watching a 7 year boy - girl gap disappear with a sweet occurrence of a Bugles and water tea party?  Not the best pics, but I had to post because it's priceless.

Ethan made Kenzie's night when he joined hr for "tea".

  Such a sweetie!!!

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