Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~ K's Room Update - DIY Project #3 (Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls) ~

~ DIY Tissue Rosette (Kissing Balls) ~
inspired by The Idea Room

You may remember that over a year ago I sold both of my children's furniture and started to makeover their rooms.

Well, I work full time, so I can only dedicate a little bit of my time to special projects because I've vowed that my family will not suffer from my addiction. *wink*

Just in case you are curious, I haven't forgotten my son's room.  Stay tuned...

Recently, my projects have just been a little more girly.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

I finished (sort of...shhh, the back side of the white ball isn't quite there) Project #3 for K's room.

I started this project with much enthusiasm after seeing the tutorial over at The Idea Room and knowing that it would fit perfectly on my daughter's night stand.

I copied followed Amy's directions exactly.  :-)

Styrofoam ball - $4
Crape Tissue Paper Roll (aka: Streamers) - $1
Time - Priceless

Yes, my enthusiasum quickly turned into a project that progressed 5 flowers at a time.

I'd roll a few while K was snacking, 5 more when my husband had them outside, a few more with K helping and a few more whenever I could find a few spare minutes.

For the love of Texas Pete, THAT'S A LOT OF FLOWER ROLLING!!!

I stumbled upon a cheap clearanced tray and repurposed with none other than white spray paint.

The tray was $5 at a local store front, but it was black with a gold map on it.

Well, that's nothing a lil' paint wont fix, huh?


I'm so glad I stuck with it.


Take a look.

This entire project was $15 (more than most of my projects) including the flower stems.

Thank you Amy for sharing this tutorial on your site.

We love this additon to K's room.



If you should desire, you can follow the evolution of her room by clicking the links below

Here is a sneak peak at Project #4.

Inspired by a $1.99 find that I knew had not lived up to it's full potential in this life.

Stay tuned....

Until next time.  :-)

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