Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~ K's Colorful Day ~

This past weekend we celebrated K's 4th birthday Kenzie style!

We had an ART Party!

It was so much fun!

We kept it small and she invited 3 of her girlfriends.

Gabbie, Emma and Sophie.
The party was simple, fun and calm.

It looks like a lot of chaos, but it was actually the calmest party that I've had to this point.

The styling was so much fun, but there is a horror story behind the scenes of this party.

First of all, let's mention the party took place an entire month after her actual birthday.

I've been slammed... to say the least.

Here's the kicker...two days before the party, my house was completely torn apart.

I wish I would have taken pics, but I was up to my ears in chaos and simply forgot.

All of our furniture was in the middle of the house because my husband decided to replace the carpet.

He called me Wednesday and said he was headed to Dalton, GA to pick up carpet.

We spent Wednesday afternoon texting back and forth carpet pics and deciding on carpet via the iPhone.

Crazy, I know!!

So, up at 6a.m. Thursday morning getting ready for construction workers to be in my house all day.

Then, I spent all day Friday pulling the house back together and cleaning....again.

Nice week off work, huh?

I didn't get home with the cake until almost 10pm. Friday evening and didn't finish styling the party until 1am. Saturday morning.

Back up at 8am. Saturday to prepare for guest.

Yikers!!!  I need a vacation!!!

It was worth it to see her face when we cut into that cake!!!

~ Cake inspiration via One Charming Party ~

The cake was made by a co-worker that has a passion for all things cake.

It was delicious and so amazingly pretty.

Thank you Charity!!!
~ Decor, Invitation & Party Printables via Anna of Anna & Co. and inspired by the colors of the RAINBOW ~

I googled art quotes and landed on this one for the logo.

"Every child is an ARTIST" - Pablo Picasso

Kenzie was feeling a little overwhelmed during the spotlight event and all the eyes that were on her.  She enlisted Ethan to assist with the grand moment.  He blew and then she blew the last two out, but we didn't capture that photo.

'Tis so sweet!!!! 

~ Art decor via MaKenzie Grace's daily ART collection ~

~ Guest's ART from left to right ( Kenzie's Canvas, Sophie's Canvas, Gabbie's Canvas and Emma's Canvas) ~

~ Drying Station ~

We did a pinwheel tutorial, pipe cleaner flower and many other "whatever the girls wanted to do" projects.
~ Love from left to right (K & Mommy, K & Daddy, K & Great Aunt C and K & Papaw Donnie) ~
There were other friends and family present, but managing the camera, cake and crafts left me spread a little thin and I didn't grab all the guest with K.

However, a dear friend of mine was present and she just happens to be a professional photographer.

Thanks Allison for filling the gap when I couldn't be behind the camera.  :-)

~ Kenzie, Daddy & Cousin Gabbie ~
Overall, it was a super fun day and I'm so glad K loves ART!!!

Happy Birthday to my little starving artist.


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  1. The party was beautiful and how fun is that cake!! Hope K had a wonderful day! - Shana

  2. This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! You did a fantastic job@

  3. Thanks guys! It was a blast!!! I have that printables if you ever need them. :-)

  4. fabulous...but didn't expect anything less!

  5. What a fun party! Love the artist theme!

  6. Thanks guys! It was a super fun yet easy party.

  7. Visiting from Tip Junkie --- What a fun, truly colorful party! Love it!

    1. Thank you the cul-de-dac! Blessings, Anna

  8. This is a really great party. So colorful and so much fun for the guests. I would like to do something like it for my granddaughter Can you email me any printables or other instructions that you have for the party.


    Thank you.


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