Sunday, November 13, 2011

~ 13 Things You May or May Not know about Me ~

Well, it’s my birthday and I’m old, simple as that.  You know when your kids start saying “Mom, back when you…” that you are old.  I still feel 21.  I really do!

Instead of wallowing in depression, I thought it would be fun to list a few things my readers may not know about me.

So, here it goes…13 things that may or may not be moderately interesting or border on the edge of TMI.

1.       I love to dance…seriously LOVE to dance!!!  Nope, you won’t catch me with a hair brush as a microphone, because I’m not a dreamer singer…I’m a dreamer dancer.
2.       I'm a designer wannabe.  I day dream of being a full-time designer as my career and am certain this is what I should have studied.
3.       Mint Chocolate is my favorite ice cream.
4.       I own less than 100 pair of shoes and more than 50 with flip-flops weighting somewhat heavy in the extreme casual percentage of total.
5.       I play with my ear when I’m concentrating and have been known to do the same with my wee ones lobes.
6.       Once upon a time I ate 7 lemons… in one sitting because I love them so.
7.       I’ve been wearing invisible braces for over a year now and will be in them until the summer of 2012.
8.       I stare when I’m tired.  So, if you catch me staring at you, it’s probably because I’m zoning out and not because I’m wondering how much you paid for that ridiculous sweater you are wearing.
9.       I’ve never read the manual of my camera.  I know, hypocritical of me since I proclaim to love the art of photography.  Oh well, we all have our faults.
10.   I fell out of a moving vehicle when I was 8 and was run over by a van (don’t panic, just my arm…still quite painful).
11.   The organizational freak in me gets somewhat of a high on neatly folded crisp white towels.
12.   I love sports.  I really do.  I love to throw football.  I love swimming.  I can shoot hoops.  I played volleyball in high school.  Don’t worry, I still weight heavily on the girly girl stuff.
13.   I do three and a half minute lunging segments to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” clean version simply because it’s the perfect beat for a one billion lunges.  My Zumba trainer introduced this perfect lunging rhythm in a recent Hip Hop class.   Feel the burn!

Ok, now that you know some of my secrets, what are some of the quirky things that you do that no one knows.  C’mon, this is fun!



  1. Well, first of all ~ Happy Birthday!

    Secondly, everything I do is pretty quirky...

    I love to pop my kid's toes. Now, that's a weird one!

  2. Hey Anna, Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a happy one and I'm sure it was if you spent it with your sweet family. Your staring comment prompted my "quirky" thing.
    When I'm tired, and I mean very, very tired I tend to laugh, hysterically at the least little comment which of course makes me look rediculous and of course, MORE TIRED !

  3. Anna, I missed your birthday, I'm so sorry! I've been sick, but that's no excuse! So, Happy belated Birthday, I hope it was wonderful!

    I have lots of quirky things in my life. I am obsessed with having a place for everything in my house and it always going back to the same place after it has been drives my family crazy, but we don't lose much!

  4. OMWord! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Suzanne, too funny! The question is how do your kids feel about it. Love it! Vickie, I know exactly what you are talking about, I have an aunt that does the very same thing and then she get's herself to crying. Carrie, is this quirky? I thought that was the norm. *wink* Unfortunately, my family doesn't share the same interest in keeping things tidy. Thanks again for sharing. Love your comments!

  5. happy birthday anna! i don't think i knew most of these, and i've just been sitting around the corner all these years! :)

    p.s. i LOVE lemons, too!

  6. Oh my Katelyn! So sorry I didn't see your comment. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I love hearing from readers. Well, we'll just have to have a lemon round table. Take care dear!


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