Sunday, November 6, 2011

~ Days of our Lives ~

I had the privilege of staying home from my normal full-time job recently with Kenzie. My care giver had fallen victim to the sick bug. Let’s just say a fun filled day with a preschooler is somewhat tiring.

For about 8 hours it was K and I doing whatever we wanted while our crew and the rest of the world were occupied. I compare it to the vacations that aren’t really a vacation because there is so much going on. Yes, it was a day off work, but not a day off.

First things first, K is NOT a breakfast person. So, before you judge me, she needs to be awake a while before she decides she wants food. So, we just hung out in the a.m.

I love her “I just woke up” face. Cuteness!!!

Meet our friend the TICKLE MONSTER!

We did a little bit of school work to get her brain going. Did I mention she’s writing her name?  Love!

Then it was on to her daily art activity. This little girl loves art time. Yes, we are still in our jammies.
Self Portrait!

Outdoor Brunch

Craft Time

Pink-ilicious Home Mini Pedi

Zoe sun bathing (this one is just for fun)

Are you tired yet?  I am!!!

It was time for the boys and K wanted to set the table...with her tea set.

Needless to say, I think my day might have been a little easier at work, but certainly not as enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed "our" day!!!



  1. Sounds to me like two gals made some special memories!

  2. We certainly did Vickie. She ask me everyday now "Mom, do you have to go to work today?". *sad face*


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