Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~ I Still Love Lucy ~

~ I Love Lucy - Job Switching ~
Have you ever seen this episode?  It’s hilarious!!!  Do you love Lucy?  I love Lucy!

I didn't get the humor of I Love Lucy when growing up and my parents would watch it, but I grew to LOVE LUCY by way of different avenues of exposure as I grew older.

It first aired in 1952.  24 years before I was born.  Yikers! 

Some may say that it’s dated, but I say it was far more than just a comedy and its timeless humor lends us to some hidden little jewels of wisdom.

This episode’s story line is where Ricky and Fred switch roles with Lucy and Ethel.  The two men cook and clean and the women work in a chocolate factory.  You can imagine what happens right?  Both duos end up in a heap of a mess.
Why...because we were designed differently for a purpose.

No, I’m not making the blanket statement that women should stay home and the men should please don’t misquote me.

I work full-time for a very large corporate office in the city.  I’m around suits and white collars more than I care to admit.  However, 84% of the employee population are women. Times have changed since this episode aired over half a decade ago.

At times I feel split.  Split right down the middle.  I can't imagine I'm alone.  When I’m at work, I’m thinking about what I should be doing at home and when I’m at home, I’m thinking of all the things that await me at work.  I can’t do either job to its fullest when I’m half there.   I catch myself pondering if this is what was intended for me, for all of us with a pair of X chromosomes.

Yes, I do believe that women are beneficial to the workforce and bring another layer to design, construction, strategic thinking and analytical approaches.
I also believe that half of them do it with their heart somewhere else and they are running themselves ragged trying to meet the demands of today’s world…just like this girl.

The next ballgame, the next school play, the next teacher meeting…..

Oh yeah, then there is dinner, cleaning, baths, homework…..

Not to mention ladies functions at church, holiday lunches, birthday cards…

Let’s layer on top that we are constantly told we aren’t enough and if you want sexy buns and long healthy locks like the girl on the cover of Cosmo, then turn to pg.72 where you will find you have lunge, crunch, pluck, nip, tuck and starve…not to mention quit your job and family to find time to be that beautiful.  Oh yeah, and apparently you've been doing all the wrong things "in bed" too!

No wonder men say we need help…. WE DO!!!!  We need help doing all those things.

Now, for the men...

With the declining economy and so many businesses on the brink of extinction, I’ve heard more than once lately that men have a tendency to couple their identity and their worth with their job.  I truly believe this was designed intentionally.  No, not that their worth is tied to anything, but that they have a drive to perform in the workforce and if that is hindered they may fall victim to feelings of an unfulfilled purpose just as women do if they can’t fulfill the needs of their family.

All this to pose the question… are we getting it wrong?

This media driven, fast paced corporate rat race…is this it?...the way it’s supposed to be?

Where women have traded their aprons for navy suits with a hint of girly around the cuff.

I’m just saying that I believe we were designed differently for a reason and if we veer too far from the intended, the feeling of fulfilled purpose may be lost. 

You may call it old school, but I call it fulfilling my intended purpose.

Now, I know that I hopped all over the place with my ranting above, but that’s where I sit…on the fence just waiting for someone to tip me either way toward which side I should be on and fulfilling my purpose.

Your thoughts?

Are you in the work force?  Do you have a family? Do you feel a split sense of purpose? Do you love Lucy?

Would love to hear from you.


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  1. I think you really made a great point here, Anna! I'm a stay at home Mom and I love it! I really do feel fulfilled when I'm taking care of my home and family. But sometimes I do wonder if I should go to work full time now that both of our boys are in school. I agree that God designed men and women differently and that he gave us different senses of purpose for our lives. Men do place a great deal of their self worth on their ability to provide, while many women place our self worth in our ability to nurture. I think that in His grand design, God gave us all unique gifts and talents that are worthwhile in many different settings. I admire women who have rewarding careers and still take care of their family's needs, but I also find great reward in knowing that my "career" is rewarding as well!

  2. Carrie, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts around this topic. I too feel most satisfied when I'm caring and doing things for my family which is the reason I second guess this corporate rat race that I'm involved in every single day. I feel like I'm chasing my tail at 100mph sometimes and accomplishing absolutely nothing. I'm sure all of us can related and feel that way sometimes. Blessings to you dear! Anna


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