Monday, November 7, 2011

~ A Rainy Day ~

Have you heard the saying “What are you saving for…a rainy day?

As I am targeting things in my home to purge for a local event at my church, I concluded that I could be found guilty of saving a few things for a rainy day.

A day when….well, I don’t know.

The person I want to be doesn’t like this mindset, but the person I am tells me to be conservative and to save.

I’m the frugal one in my crew.  I typically don’t buy impulsively unless I know that I really love something.  I usually have to take time to process a decision lest I plunge into a sea of anxiety from forced decisiveness.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Let me help you.

You know when you buy a candle and you adore it so much that you sit it in a place that you’ll pass by every day so you can visually enjoy and smell its aroma?  However, you don’t light it because you love its beauty and smell and you are saving it for those special occasions.

Ever done that?

How about a brand new set of kitchen towels that you never use because you love them.  They match your d├ęcor perfectly and you wouldn’t dare have them lose their original appeal.

Silly, huh?  I think so too.

Well, I admit it.  I’ve done it.

However, I’ve learned a little bit in life when looking back and wondering what in the world that young silly girl was thinking and concluding or adding up all the silly mistakes I’ve made along the way.

I've learned there are days I was cleaning on a sunny Saturday when I should have been enjoying the day with my firstborn, working when I should have been playing, sitting idle when I should have been dancing, talking when I should have been singing and saving when I should have been indulging.  

You get my point, right?

In the little time that I’ve been a parent, I’ve learned time doesn’t come back around a second time.  Once the moment is gone, it’s gone.

Every day when we wake up is a new day, a day that God has given us to enjoy the beauty and blessings around us.  So, here’s to burning your favorite pretty candle and using those kitchen hand towels this week.

Today IS THE special occasion simply because it’s a new day and we are blessed.

Now, go find a pretty candle to burn and if you don't use it, lose it!!!


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