Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~ Over the river and through the woods ~

This past Sunday afternoon after morning worship we visited Bowie Nature Park along with everyone else in our city.

It was a GORGEOUS day!!!

We walked one of the trails.  I guess it's probably a mile or so.  We threw a little football which was short lived becasue it ended up in the middle of the lake.  Luckily, by the time we made it to the other side of the walking trail, so did the football and Ethan retreived it.

Kenzie overcome her fear of walking over bridges with a lil' guidance from daddy (photo 2 below).

Both Ethan and Kenzie enjoyed a good ole' fashioned skipping rocks lesson from daddy.

It ROCKED!!!  Ha!

Above the sun on our face, the wind in our hair and the smell of upcoming sprouts of grass and dandilions, we enjoyed just being together on this breezy Sunday afternoon.

Bring on SPRING!!!

~ All in a day's work ~

I recently received this photo from the Corporate HR Christmas gathering and I thought I would share.  The crew below are the people I work with on a daily basis.

I was blessed 11 years ago with this a job with one of the largest healthcare companies in the nation.
I'm am now a Senior Data/Financial Analyst.

....and this is what I do.
Yeah, not too exciting, but if I must have a job... it's a good one to have.

Here's to making it happen in 2011!!!

~ Because being together is enough ~

Valentine's Couples Banquet
Photo Courtesy: Allison Barlar Photography

This year for Valentine’s Day, my Valentine and I scheduled to go to our church couple’s V-Day banquet. We kissed the kiddos goodbye and off we went.

As usual, I’m checking my lips and hair in the mirror on the way as I hear a familiar sound. Allen had downloaded “Endless Love” to his iPhone and played it for our trip. Endless Love was a song from our wedding.

Nice touch Alley Cat!

I gave Allen his Valentine from me. I had decided that this year it wouldn’t be a card with other’s words or anything with monetary value. It would be a card made by me with my words. My theme…I LOVE US!!! I scribbled out a long list of specific things that I love about him and told him why/what. He seemed to like it, but the idea had a much larger impact when I was thinking up in my head.

Here’s where it gets good.

Allen felt it in his heart to do the same thing….a no expense gift.  It was from his heart which is really the best kind of gift, right?

 He had hand- written a love letter inspired by the biblical Song of Solomon love story in his words.

Wow!!! Really?!

My very own Song of Solomon! SPICY!!!!! Forget Shakespeare!

I will cherish this letter forever. It was by far the most romantic thing he has ever done.

Honestly, giving me a biblical Valentine… unheard of and very creative.

I don’t think this is legible, but if you dare to get out the magnifying glass and read it, be prepared to blush… it’s a lil’ spicy, but that’s exactly how Song of Solomon depicts the King’s love for his bride.

Valentine’s fun with the kiddos.

iPhone photos...I know, the quality isn't the best, but they capture the moments, right?!

1. Valentine's Art from Kenzie Grace
2. Getting ready to package of Valentine exchange cards
3. There done!!!  Kenzie enjoyed this so much an LOVED giving to all of her friends
4. Ethan's version of a Valentine...such a boy
5. Nanny & Papaw Bledsoe always give the kiddos treats on V-Day.  So sweet!!!
6. A little V-Day advice from Papaw
7. Getting some overdue loving from Papaw
8. Kenzie didn't waist any time digging in her treats
9.  As I've mentioned before, it's getting harder and harder to catch a pic of E.  This was his Valentine from Mommy & Daddy

Ethan had basketball practice on the real V-Day which forced Allen and I to be apart. That was ok with me. After all, part of me falling in love over and over with him is watching him love and father my babies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ For the love of MUSIC ~

Well, I think it's in his blood.

Music that is.

Ethan saved some of his money from Christmas and put with his report card money and off we went to find his first acoustic guitar.  With a lil' help from us, Ethan landed on the Taylor you see in the photo below.  He already has an electric guitar and drums in his room.  The adored Taylor is a nice addition to his collection.

Now to get serious about lessons and really learning.


Monday, February 14, 2011

~ Say it isn't SNOW ~

Yes, Nash-Vegas has been blasted with snow this year.  I think we've had snow every week since Christmas.  I can't complain too much becasue every year we long for it, wait for it and pray for it.

The most recent snow dropped a blanket of chaos on the city.  It was CRAZY to say the least.  Upon the snow arriving, I had concluded that I would try to get a head start home and arrive at a decent hour.  Little did I kow that nature had done it's damage and the city was gridlocked.

This is what I saw when I left work at 3.40 p.m.

There were cars EVERYWHERE!!!  The streets had been covered and then frozen.  Driving on ice isn't fun at all.  It took me 1 1/2 hours to go about a mile and a half.  I thought of going back to work, but couldn't because everywhere I looked there were cars.

Pure chaos!!!

There was one wreck after another.  My hope was to make it to the Interstate where I was certain that the roads had been prepared for this mess.

When I finally made it to the bypass that would hopefully lead me home, it was completly covered in ice and traffic again was at a snail's pace.  You may not be able to tell, but the street below is solid ICE!!!!...and this was on the Interstate. 

I finally made it to the Interstate that would take me home 2 hours later, a normal 7 minute trip.  By this time you could no longer see the roads.  As I sat, waiting...and waiting...and waiting, I got a lil' bored, so I decided that I would goof off and sent my crew back home an early Valentine note  :-)

I finally made it home around 7:30 p.m. that evening.  There were others that never made it home and slept at relatives homes, stayed at work all night or got hotel rooms.

All that to say, I'M READY FOR SPRING!!!!!

Here is a pic from the next day from my car.  Yes, 4 degrees.  Yikers!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

~ Girl Power ~

See the wall in the back of these photos.  This wall was the first thing Kenzie spotted when we walked into the store. 

The second thing, THE DRESS!!!

She said, "Oh Mommy, look at that beautiful dress!".  She sized it up and it is now hanging in her closet.  I couldn't resist the pink/black with a 40's waisted buckle.  Have I mentioned I like buckles?

Here's to all things GIRLY!!!

~ Duplicates ~

I've heard my mother say it over and over again, that MaKenzie is like looking at me when I was a little girl. 

I didn't realize that she was right, until I saw these two pics.

Have mercy!!!

~ Anna Marie Bledsoe - 1974 ~

 MaKenzie Grace Bledsoe - 2007

~ The way you say it ~

I’ve always loved the lil’ voices of my children and how they have a way of simplifying everything. We as adults seem to overdo or make things difficult when they don’t have to be. The simplicity of a child amazes me. Here are a few “simple” things we hear around the house right now from MaKenzie Grace that make us smile and a totally random conversation with Ethan on the way home a while back.
Makenzie Grace
“Mommy, can I have a grownie?” = Brownie
“Does this snowman need muffins?” = Mittens
“I want some Monkey Charms” = Lucky Charms
Ethan Bledsoe

Ethan - How did Barbecue get it's name? Me - I'm not certain sweetie.
A few minutes later...
Ethan - Mom, do you think I'll have arthritis when I get old?
Me - Uhhh, well...I'm not sure about that either E.
...and later
Ethan - Wouldn't it be kind of embarrassing to die on a toilet?
Me - I don't think you would care
Perhaps the cold temps are getting to him.
I LOVE my "babies"!!!!

~ Sassy Pink Diva Drama ~

Kenzie got terribly sick in the car a couple weeks ago and you can imagine what happened to the car seat and the car.  So, we resulted in completly taking the car seat out and moving to laundry room and cleaning the car.
We decided at this time that it was time... yes, time for a BIG GIRL seat.  Oh my!!!

When we told her, she immediatly said that it had to be pink.

Here are a couple of pics taken with my phone of her temporary ride (not ideal) and her very new sassy pink flowered booster.  Oh how I love my polka dot diva!  :-)

~ Ethan in the press - TCS Headmaster's List ~

I'm so proud of Ethan.  He made the Knightly News at TCS back to back and wad recongnized at school by the Headmaster.  Ethan apparently worked very hard the second grading period on academics and made the Headmaster's List for all A's.  Way to go Ethan!!!  It doesn't stop there, he was also recongnized for being a Star Student which is for his overall academics, focus and Christ like approach to daily life at The Covenant.

This makes me a proud mommy!!!

Here are the Knightly News articles highlighting Ethan and a pic of him being recongnized by the Headmaster.

TCS Knightly News

~ January 2011 - A Month in Photos ~

I just LOVE this!!!

Rebecca Cooper over at {Simple as That} has developed a straight forward and easy way to review and highlight a month in photos. I usually do this annually, but why not every month, right?

Thank you Rebecca for inspiring me to frolic around in my photos every month.

I can’t believe January has come and gone already.  It was a very wintery month and we had lots of fun in the snow as I’ve written and shared already.  Christmas has past and all the decorations are down and we are staring February in the face.  Here’s to a great start in 2011.

1) I don’t know, but those look an awful lot like electronic crayons…what’s Crayola to do?!

2) Somehow all the frustration of stepping on toys and constantly chasing my tail goes away when they sleep and I'm reminded what a precious blessing my children are in my life.

3) As usual, Ethan digs down deep to expose every ounce of “BOY” he has in him. Love him!

4) Coach Arnold kicking off 4th Grade basket ball at Lipscomb Allen Arena.

5) Every year on New Year’s Day the 60+ Bledsoe crew gathers and celebrates with family. This is just a few of the grandchildren that were there. Can you spot my three stooges?

6) Kenzie has apparently inherited a little bit of an obsession with organization. Can you tell that all of the colors are organized?

7) With all the basketball talk with Ethan, Kenzie decided that enough was enough and she was taking back the spotlight.  She put on Ethan’s uniform from the previous season. Cute!

8) Kenzie loves to play games and color on the iPad.  I guess you can say it's a new age.
Bring it on February!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Oh the JOY ~

This past Sunday was the 5th Sunday of the month which means no Sunday school classes are held and the children are in the auditorium with the adults. As I was listening to the sermon and trying to focus on what was being said, I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye that Ethan was apparently fiddling with pen and paper. I was just before telling him to focus on the speaker when I looked down and he was filling out a tithing slip. He had written his name, address and $5 in the total.

He was giving 10% of his report card earnings.  Oh the JOY!!!

Does it get any better? My baby obeying the Word! It was breathtaking!!!

I am so proud of him!!!!

Oh, by the way, E pulled all A’s on his report card for the second grading period. Whoo Hooo!

So, yes…all A’s and paying 10% to the ministry deserves its own post.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” 3 John 1:4
Ethan, mommy loves you. I pray you always keep the Word hidden in your heart. I’m so proud of you and what you are becoming.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ Somewhere over the Rainbow ~

iPad Art via MaKenzie Grace Bledsoe

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.

Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?
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