Monday, May 30, 2011

~ And God Created...~

It doesn't take long at the Zoo to realize once again just how AWESOME God is when looking at all the very interesting animals.

This was Kenzie's first trip to the Zoo.

~ Top 3 Highlights ~
Giraffe Exhibit
Jungle Gym
Meerkat Exhibit
...and and extra one just because K liked it - PINK Flamingos.  
I'm sure you can figure out why.  *wink*

Thank you Allen for taking our family on this very special day of fun!!!

~ The Reason I Blog ~

To somehow hold onto those moments that take my breath away.

"Children fill a place in your heart you never knew was empty"

Friday, May 20, 2011

~ OH DEAR! ~

Isn’t it silly that we start out as a parent thinking that we’ll have full control of every situation and WE will be the leaders and teachers.

Then it happens, over and over our little ones teach us and remind us what really matters.

If you pay attention, you can learn a thing or two from them.

A friend and I were discussing our children's reactions when they do something and realize it was a mistake or they have one of THOSE moments.

Unfortunatly, my pre-teen Ethan's reactions is usually "Oh Crap!". 

We are working with him on that one.

A much sweeter version is that of my 3 year old.

Kenzie's reaction is usally "Oh Dear!".

A couple weeks ago while driving to yet another baseball game, I hear it.

Those words..."Oh Dear!".

I investigated a little bit to conclude that K had a little too much fun with her bubble gum.

Oh what can happen with one little ball of sticky and a 3 year old.

So, our next trip was a NO on the bubble gum.

Then there is the "WHY?"

I told her that her hair was down and it wouldn't be good at all for it to get in her hair.

She said “why mommy?”…in her innocent - I really don’t understand voice.

I said “because K, if you get it in your hair it’s very difficult to get out”.

She asked “how do you get it out?”

I said, “well, sometimes you have to cut your hair.”

She said “and that wouldn’t be good… would it mommy?”

I said, “No K, it really wouldn’t…wouldn’t be good to have to cut ALL your hair off”…

I was entertaining the conversation somewhat distracted and disengaged trying to get her buckled and on our way.

Drum roll please…..

Then it happened.  What happens so very often when I least expect it.

You know?...when your child teach or reminds you of the simple yet important things in life.
My 3 year old reminded me that hair doesn't define a person.

She said...

 “It wouldn’t be THAT BAD mommy… I would STILL BE ME”

My turn....OH DEAR!

It was one of those moments where you feel like everything stops.

I hugged her and told her she was right and that hair is just hair

...and that I love her for who she is and not for her hair

...and it wouldn't matter at all if she had hair

...but since God gave her beautiful hair that we need to take care of it.

Thank you Ethan and Kenzie for being constant reminders of the things that are REALLY important and teaching me every day how to be a better person.

Love Mommy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

~ "MOM"-Sense ~

I've been reading so many things lately about motherhood that have inspired this post.

Thank you to all the Moms that take the time to write about their emotions.

This is my "Mommy" story.

10 years ago if you would have asked me about children and being a Mom, I would have said...

 "Yeah, someday I want to be a MOM."

I would have said it casually, without enthusiasm and no true excitement.

I would have told you that my pregnancy would be different.

I would smile through delivery, my hair would be fixed and I would have freshly shaved legs.

I would have told you that I would have perfect children.

They would never act up, always say please and thank you and go to bed at 8pm.

You get the picture, right?!... I didn't have a clue about being a MOM or what it meant.

~ Ethan Holland Bledsoe - June 13, 2000 (the day he was born) ~

In all honesty, I was terrified at the thought of becoming the three letter word.

I remember crying when I got the news and feeling so guilty that I wasn't having the exact emotions/thoughts I thought I would have when being told that I'm with child.

I was a wreck.

What next?  Can I do this?  My life is over?  Will I get fat?

About 8 weeks into both of my pregnancies I was diagnosed with HYPEREMISIS.

Not fun to say the least.

I lost 20 plus pounds in the 1st trimester with both children and was hospitalized 3 times.

Not how I had planned.

Little did I know then, that none of this MOM stuff would be how I planned.

The saying "Never say Never" comes to mind.

My hands and feet were swollen and I was simply exhausted.

Needless to say, I didn't feel like the beautiful glowing pregnant woman I had drawn up in my day dreaming of being a MOM.

~ MaKenzie Grace Bledsoe - August 13, 2007 (the day she was born) ~

Both of my children were born 1 week early and both were planned.

So, I DID get to shave my legs.  *wink*

You know you hear that holding your babies for the first time is magical, but you don't even know until you've experienced it.

Regardless if it's in a hospital room or an adoption facility.

That moment is PRICELESS!!!

That's really the ONLY love at first sight.

~ The day I became a MOM ~

I remember bringing Ethan (my first born) home and thinking...


I know, I'll just sit here and watch him until he cries and then I'll hold him and feed him.

Yeah, that's what a MOM does, right?!

So, I did.  I stared at him in disbelief that he was mine.

Disbelief that he was so tiny.

Disbelief that two days ago he was inside me.

~ I became a mother of 2 ~

No one ever told me about a MOM's guilt or second guessing EVERY SINGLE decision you make.

Those impulse thoughts....

Is he still breathing?

Why is he crying?

Am I doing this right?

Will I ever get any sleep?

I'm not a good MOM!

~ Ethan was so in love with Kenzie ~

Somehow, it all works out.  And those tiny fingers and toes captivate your heart.

You live for their snaggle tooth grins and double eyed winks.

You pause to hear them giggle and run rather slow for them to be able to tackle you and smother you with juicy snotty kisses.

You find a newly drawn smiley face on a perfectly blank canvas (which happens to be your dining room chair) and the only thing you can think is "Wow, what an artist!"

All that to say, as a mother, I think we all struggle with the same concerns.

This precious gift of being a MOM is the biggest job we'll ever be given.

How do we GET IT RIGHT?

Knowing what all it takes to be a MOM, I dedicate this post to my MOM.

I realize now and understand the corners of your heart.

I'm still learning, but would like to think that I have more of an understanding of this MOM labeling.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL fellow Mothers!

Blessings, Anna

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~ The List Goes On ~

I’ve mentioned this before, but now I have a lot more evidence that my lil’ Kenzie Grace has been bitten by the organization bug.  These photos capture just a little bit of her org skills.  She is always lining things up.  Let’s just say that Ethan was protected from this bug by his father’s genes. *wink*

I must say, that it is both a blessing and a curse to have this small chip in your brain that forces order and organization. The problem arises at the intersection of order and time. When you don’t have time to have order or be organized it results in anxiety which ultimately impacts your sanity.

These are by color  :-)

I’ve had to learn and I’m sure Kenzie will too, that some things are ok to just let go and worry about tomorrow. I typically make a list for everything. It’s just therapeutic for me. I’m certain lists are in Kenzie’s future as well.


By size
It’s a way to get everything in front of me visually which for some reason reduces the stress. It’s kind of like saying, “I know this is there… I have intentions of getting it done… but it’s ok that I don’t do it today”.

Ok, this is where you start to think I’m a little crazy. I usually make my list and then order by number by priority and then sort them to fall in that order. This allows me to not worry today about something that doesn’t impact me for three weeks, but also gives me the security that it’s on my radar.

I know, you’re rolling your eyes, right?!

So, knowing that my sweet girl has this same internal voice to “keep it straight” inflicts both joy and worry in my heart. It took me a long time to let some things go and not sweat the small stuff. I hope she too can one day overlook the “small stuff”.

In summary, I live and breath lists!

 Of course, I have a “to do” list at work. I have a projects list, a house “fix it” list, a personal “get it done” daily list… and THE LIST GOES ON! HA!!!

Here’s to my future LIST GIRL!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~ April 2011 - A Month in Photos ~

It's UNBELIEVABLE to me that April is already over.

April has been a very busy month including lots of storms, tornados, trips to the basement and flooding.  I've had a very scared little girl for most of the month.  She is terrified of thunder and has a complete melt down every time the tornado sirens go off in our city.  Many lost their homes and even lives.  We are blessed to have come out of April with no damage at all.

Although I didn't carry around the Canon this month, I managed to catch a few iPhone photos to document our month.

1. HUGE project at work completed and published early April.  This is a load off!!!

2. Let the games begin!!! Baseball season has started and both the men in my life play ball.  I guess they could be involved in worse things, huh?

3. Look at my two lil' bunnies on Easter morning.  They are such a blessing.

4. I started yet another project for K's room.  Stay tuned....

5. Kenzie is styling with her new thirty-one tote, flips and yoga pants.

6. Ethan is studying Tennessee history.  It was his turn to complete the infamous salt dough map.  A small earth quake occured on the way to school, but Tennessee made it out ok.  Yikers!!!

7. With a lil' paint, old frames and DIY printables, I completed a project for K's room.  It turned out nice and she loves it.

8. Kenzie would sit for hours and absorb every word that Ethan says.  I love catching these special moments between the two of them.

9. Other than baseball, skate boarding is Ethan's favorite pass time.  

10. Now that it's warm, Kenzie enjoys getting to swing during the down time at E's ballgames.

11. Kenzie's at it again with her orgainizing obsession.  Stay tuned for a focused post on this topic.  Fun stuff!!!

12. I think this is one of my favorite photos EVER.  I've said it before, there is nothing in the world like watching the man you are in love with father the children you so adore....NOTHING!!!

13. I attended the Biggest Loser 2011 reveal here in my city for a friend (Hannah Curlee) that is competing this season on the show.  It was AMAZING to say the least.  This is a before photo because I'm not allowed to post current photos at the moment.  Go Hollywood Hannah!!! 
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