Sunday, October 30, 2011

~Halloween Costume Flashback ~

Well, tomorrow is Trunk-or-Treat and I'm not prepared.  Not being prepared causes me great anxiety.  I like to be prepared.

This week has been a little chaotic to say the least and has set me back a bit as it relates to the schedule.  The stomach bug hit our home and I had one sick little girl on my hands, a very sick husband and my sitter was ill as well.  Yikers!!!  Myself and Ethan escaped the madness, thank goodness.


Leading up to tomorrow and this year's costumes, I thought it would be fun to go back and take a peek at past year's costumes.  Primarily for documenting/printing purposes, so bare with me.

Happy Halloweekend!!!

~ 2010 ~

~ 2009 ~

~ 2008 ~

~ 2007 ~

~ 2006 ~

~ 2005 ~

~2004 ~

~ 2003 ~

~ 2002 ~

~ 2001 ~

~ 2000 ~

One thing is for sure, this year I will try to get good photos before getting so busy with the activities.

Stay tuned for 2011!!!

Trick or Treat!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

~ He Said - She Said (cont.)

About a year ago, I added the He Said - She Said label to this blog to assist with documenting all those little things that my kiddos say that make me smile, cry or scratch my head.

I have to admit, I've been horrible at giving those quotes a place here on the blog.

So, here is to reigniting that initial desire to document the little things they say.

Kenzie: How do I look Mom?
Me: You look fabulous dear!
Kenzie: Actually Mom, I'm not a deer...I'm a people.

I would love to hear what your little ones have said that made you smile.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Freebie} – Halloween Trick-or-Treat Printables

It’s FREEBIE time y’all!!!

Let’s just kick this thing off with the word TRADITIONAL. 

As much as I wanted to be non-traditional this year with colors and style, I’m last minute and last minute mandates status quo.  I designed this package for an upcoming children's event and thought I would share it with my readers.

So, if you are LAST MINUTE like I am, then perhaps you are in need of a few embellishments for FREE!!!

If you are looking for a quick way to add a little color to a buffet table, event booth, trunk or treat, feel free to download these printables and/or share them with any of your friends.

This collection of printables includes:
~ Cupcake Toppers/Straw Sleeves/Stickers/Treat Bag Tags ~
~ Food Cards/Note Cards ~
~ Tent Cards ~
~ Pennant Banners ~
~ Table Word Art/Sign ~
EK Success punch and regular size hole punch were used in samples above.
Collection is best if printed on medium to heavy weight card stock.
Note: The last few pages in the package were left blank for you to customize if needed.

Also, go "like" Anna & Co. Facebook to stay connected with other tricks & treats.

Happy Halloween from Anna & Co.!!!

Also, I would love to hear from you and have you share how you used these printables.


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

~ Measuring Up ~

Well, I haven't written about it much, but let's just cut to the chase and say that K is a pony tail girl.  Simple as that!  She loves to wear her hair in a pony tail...EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It has been a little bit of a battle because I want to switch things up a bit with the endless possibilities of this little girl's head of hair.  No, I didn't realize I would battle my 4 year old daughter about her hair.  I guess it's a sign of things to come, huh?

I used to get to pick out her Halloween costumes and now she has an opinion.

I used to pick out her entire outfit without any push back and now she wants to second guess me.

Does it really matter which pair of pink jammies you wear at night?  Well, yes it does to a 4 year old and apparently which princess is on your panties is a big stinkin' deal too!

If we happen to land any downtime, sometimes K and I play and do girl stuff.  Recently we decided to play with her hair because that's what girls do and my thinking is that it may get her comfy with something different.  Stay tuned on the pony tail note, this is where I switch gears.

During the setting time of our experiment I turn around to K doing this…

Measuring herself with her dad’s measuring tape.

As I do most of the time I quickly grab whatever camera I can get my hands on before the moment passes because I’m a little passionate about documenting their childhood...just a little. *wink*

I asked her what she was doing and she said “seeing how big I am”.

Then she pushed the measuring tape up a little taller and asked “Mom, when will I be this tall?”

Pause…. breathe

Why do they do this?

Always measuring UP.

They wish their lives away hoping to be older, taller and more independent.

It's always someday or one day.

I’ve heard more than I want to lately “No mommy, I can do it myself”…or “Mom, seriously I’m 11, I can go by myself”.

While I know this is a healthy approach, but I love knowing that they need me and they want me around.

I guess I have a few more years to muffle all the “I can do it myself” statements, until one day when they are adults they will realize that they really do need their mommy.

Until then, I’ll grab every chance I can to be involved and “be there” when they look around and want Mom in their moment.

Although I don't like constant reminders of how fast they are growing, I'm thinking of making it a little bit easier on them when they want to "Measure Up".

We are going to add ruler/growth chart like the one below from Dear Lillie to our home very soon.

Stay tuned for project details.

I would love to hear from you regarding the times that make you want time to stand still.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Mommy Moments} - A Guest Post from Sandra

I would like to introduce you to Sandra.

Sandra and I have worked together for over a decade now.  We share a love for documenting our lives via journaling, scrap booking and blogging.

Sandra tells her story over at Just Haven't Met You Yet where she is passionate about becoming a family of four.  Well 5 including their furry friend.

Recently, Sandra found out that God has chosen to bless them with baby Kylie all the way from China.  The desire that was dropped in their hearts some time ago for adoption, now has a beautiful little face.

Welcome Sandra!

~ How To Fly a Kite ~

I am honored Anna asked me to write for her blog today. Anna and I have worked together for a while now and I respect her greatly as a Godly wife and mother. So THANK YOU Anna! I’m so excited to be here!

I am sure you are all wondering what in the world the title is all about. Well, I had the most interesting lesson not too long ago.
A while back, while visiting Chattanooga, my daughter, Jenna, used "her money" to buy a kite from the local toy store. Now, it's been YEARS and I do mean many, many years since I've flown a kite. Living in Tennessee, I guess there's not really many days that would provide the climate for flying a kite. I think both, my husband and I, were looking forward to giving it a whirl. Jenna must have also been excited because she had driven us crazy ever since we got back to get this kite flying. Finally, we took the kite with our friends, to the local park. We put the thing together and discovered there wasn't really a good place to fly it.

It wasn’t long until we had a day where the wind was up and we decided to head to the church parking lot about an hour before evening activities and see if we couldn't get this thing to fly. At our church, there is a back parking lot that is completely empty and mostly free from trees, poles, wires etc. We got the kite out and let out the string and waited for the wind to take it. It didn't get up in the air immediately, so we walked across the parking lot, waited for a gust of wind and then took off at full speed, running against the wind, letting out the string waiting for the wind to catch it. Time after time we tried. Finally, we decided that I would sit in the back of the truck bed with the kite while my husband drove into the wind hoping that it would catch and the kite would go up. Obviously, that didn't work, not to mention it being dangerous (and funny to boot!).
But I wasn't ready to give up. I was determined to get this dang kite up for the sake of my child OR BUST! So, back and forth I went, running against the wind trying everything I know to do to get this kite up in the air. After a dozen tries (or more), I was extremely frustrated and a bit disappointed. Then I started praying..."Come on God...just a little wind. Do this for my little girl. I know You care about these little things. I know You are there. Do this to show HER You can." And I'd take off running against the wind again. Over and over and the kite never would get more than my height up in the air. Finally, I thought, "OK, just one more try...this is it." And...nothing. I started winding up the string and felt a gust of wind coming. But I was tired. I was tired of running against the wind and trying and trying everything in my power to get this kite flying just to see it fall to the ground.
And then it hit me. STAND STILL. So I did. I just stood there with one arm hanging to my side, one straight out in front of me and watched. And to my amazement...the kite started going up. Up and up and up as high as the kite had been all day long! I could hardly believe my eyes.
That's when I realized it. It's the same with me and God. I am determined to do something that I want to do. Determined to make things go my way. I run against the wind watching whatever it is that I'm trying so desperately to do fall flat time and time again. But yet, I am not ready to give up. I just keep fighting against the wind...until I'm too tired to fight anymore. And that's when I am quiet enough to hear God saying to me, "Just. Stand. Still." And in that quiet moment, when I have exhausted myself doing it MY way, I stand still and watch in amazement as God takes my kite high in the air. Higher than I ever was able to get it. Higher than it ever went when I was trying all my tricks.
It was as clear to me in that moment that the kite was flying, as ever in my life. If I will just stop trying so hard and be STILL, God will bless me more than I can ask or imagine and send my kite airborne. But I have to learn to be still and to quit trying to run against the wind. Sometimes the only way to hear is to be still.
The kite never did really get all the way into the air, just as in life things don't always end up as we imagined they would be. But Jenna didn't know the difference.
To her...the kite flew and that was all that mattered.

Thank you again Anna for letting me share a little piece of my world with your readers!

Thank you Sandra for sharing your experience with us.  I love it when God uses everyday things to drop faith in our hearts.  It's something I've prayed for recently, for God to show me Him in everyday simple things.  It's amazing when it happens.  Also, I just know my readers will continue to pray for your journey to adoption.  We can't wait to meet little Kylie once she makes it to the US.

If you would like to contribute to the Mommy Moments series, please send me an email at or notify my via the Anna & Co. Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Monday, October 17, 2011

~ One Sick Puppy ~

So sorry.  :-(

The doc told me I was one sick puppy.

After a few days in bed and some really good meds, I'm back and will be updating soon.


Monday, October 10, 2011

~ September 2011 - Month in Photos ~

Can you believe we are in the 4th Qtr of 2011?!


When I think about it, I start getting a little bit of anxiety.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS!...OH MY!!!

September was a little hectic to say the least, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Football is almost over and there will be a little more time to just be home and enjoy these cooler temps.

Here is a recap of our September.

1. We celebrated K's 4th birthday in a colorful way.  I wrote about it here.

2. Someone thinks she's a mermaid.

3. I volunteered at a local charity to assist with high risk youth in our community.

4. It's really nice to walk into the nook and see my husband studying the Bible.

5. Football with my #1 little man.

6. There something magical about "cleaning up" the batter bowl with pink & purple war paint.
(aka: crayola markers)
Thank goodness they are washable!

7. Perhaps etiquette classes are in order?  It's Mac 'n Cheese milk.  Do you blame her?

8. Did I mention football?  Again, Ethan making a face when I'm trying to get a photo.

9. Bubble Boobies!!!  Yep, still working on being a lady.

Okay, so now on to costumes and candy.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ Anna & Co Featured at The Idea Room ~


What a treat to wake up this morning and find that one of Anna & Co's projects had been featured at THE IDEA ROOM .


Amy is one of the most talented and creative women in the blog world and I'm honored that Anna & Co. "caught her eye".

Thanks to The Idea Room!!!

Check it out HERE!

You can also read about it from my original post HERE.

Stay tuned...Anna & Co. will be making the printable used in this frame available for FREE in multiple colors very soon.


Monday, October 3, 2011

~ New Chucks ~

Well, it happens in most everyone's life, right?!

Ethan got his first pair of Chucks.

I used this to get him in front of the camera.  I think I've mentioned it's like pulling teeth to get him to take a serious photo lately.

However, my camera is sick.  Not sure what's going on, but it's not on the up an up.

I'm going to share the photos anyway, because it's him and he's worth it.

See what I mean? camera is taking yucky photos. :-(

No really, see what I mean?...he's worth it.  :-)

No really, see what I mean?  He has a hard time being serious.

He gets it's a Bledsoe thing.

Although somewhat frustrating at times, I love this about him.  He can bring humor into most scenes.

He seriously thinks he's big stuff with the Chucks and all.  Bless him!

Taking photos with Ethan quickly turns into an Xtreme situation.

He's like "Mom, wouldn't it be cool if you took photos of me jumping off the house".

Really, Ethan?!

Or..."Hold on Mom, I'll get my bike".

Whatever it takes to get some photos my beloved child.


Kenzie decided she would enter the "picture" by comparing Chucks with Ethan.

After all, hers are glittery pink!!!

It quickly turned into a goof off session with the both of them.

Well, I didn't accomplish what I set out to do which was have a small (serious) session with Ethan, but at least we documented the new Chucks and got a few sweet sibling photos.


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