Friday, January 20, 2012

Currently Craving | Spring

I did a post way back when indicating my "current craving" of the season.

Recently, I was reading a blog I frequent and stumbled upon this labeling again.

So, I thought I would introduce it here as a fun way to organize my random cravings in a short and sweet entry.

Today, I'm craving Spring.

I have a terrible case of SPRING FEVER!!!

It happens every year about this time.

I will elaborate more very soon.

I hope you will choose to share what you are "currently craving" in this series.



  1. loving it! i'm also craving spring, although i won't argue with 50 degrees in january :)

    1. Hoping the temp transition isn't too hard on you dear. :-)

  2. that photo sure makes me crave spring too. i don't know what i'm craving--maybe more sleep. i've bitten off more than i can chew right now. and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog about bear. i'm not sure i'll get all p52 prompts. it's especially hard with so few hours of daylight right now.

    1. Kara, bless your heart! I hope your family is getting better and you are getting some sleep. I feel like the last 10 years of my life have been sleep deprived. My husband recently asked me what I would like for V-Day and I quickly responded "a NAP!". Such is the life of a mommy. Hang in there! Blessings, Anna


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