Friday, March 30, 2012

Me & My Gang | Flower Power

Ok, so we all know diamonds are a girl's best friend.  

We also know that a large portion of the female population has an open romance with shoes.

What about flowers and plants?

I love them!!!

BUT....I simply don't know how to take care of them.

Yes, I carry the double X chromosomes and consider myself fairly domestic, but I just wasn't born with a green thumb.

I want one, I really do!!!  

Fact is, I have to work at it and it's not something that comes natural to me.  I have to read ever planting direction precisely and hope in a few weeks I'll see green...that is if I actually water them.  Poor things.  They are just one more ball in this crazy chaotic juggling act I'm doing.

Me, I kind of just like to buy them, arrange and enjoy.  K on the other hand is a little obsessed with planting and growing.

So, it seems I will be forced to try my hand or should I say thumb at growing a few things because somehow their interest have a way of setting up camp in my heart and becoming my interest too.

Yes, she helped herself to a spoon from our kitchen.  There are worse things I suppose.

This is where I would insert what she planted, if I knew.  I kept the little packages to assist with ongoing care and have misplaced them.  It will be by the grace of God that these little guys survive.

K is so excited that her efforts are paying off and her little mini flower garden is beginning to blossom.

We'll be sure to keep you updated.  We can't wait to see color!!!

Sweet remembrance: When Ethan was about the same age, around 4, we caught him burying one of his toy cars.  He truly believed he would have a life size car in about 2 weeks.  Sweetness!

I hope whatever seed you plant this season will flourish to your expectations and bring you much joy.


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