Friday, April 20, 2012

Me & My Gang | Happy Weekend & Sibling Shenanigans

Hey, it's me, the girl that used to have time to blog!  

I'm still alive, just been somewhat swamped this week with this thing called life...not to mention the 63 hour liquid fast/cleanse, i.e. no food, I did this past week.  I'll have to fill you in on my Biggest Loser team at work soon.  Fun stuff!

I didn't want the week to pass by tell you how much I love hearing from all of you throughout the week.

Whether it's via facebook, email or here on the blog.  You make me smile.

I love and gain so much strength and inspiration from fellow bloggers.

I thought I would at least leave you with a pic that made me smile this past week.

This is what big brothers do to little sisters.  My goodness!

~ Gangsta K ~
Sorry for the fuzziness.  It was taken at night with my iPhone and I had to get it quick, but I just couldn't pass up sharing.

Don't worry, there is enough glitter running through her veins to trump being dressed like a boy.

Funny how she was acting the part of a street gangster...where in the world did she learn that?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


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