Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Encouragement | Little Wild Flowers

Okay, so I’ve driven by this field near my home a million times and never thought anything about it.

Honestly, I probably usually think they need to mow it and leave things a little nicer.

Do you remember my prayer?

I know God is HUGE and GREAT and is BIGGER than I can even comprehend, but a couple of years ago I invited Him to meet me at SIMPLE and show me His beauty in every day happenings.

Recently, I drove past this same field and the sun laid nicely on the green pasture and the white glistened like little diamonds everywhere.

This photo doesn’t even do what I saw justice.

Perhaps it’s because I snapped it with my phone.

Perhaps what I saw was only for me.

You can't see it in the photo, but there are literally thousands of the little beauties in this field.

I slowed down to absorb and at that moment and I knew God was right there with me answering my prayer and His simple beauty was AMAZING!

I drove away and pulled into my garage and looked at the photo above.

I thought to myself “this isn’t what I just saw”.

So, I went back to the field.

 I got out and looked at one of these little guys up close and the “little diamonds” were Queen Anne’s Lace...I had to research it, I didn't know that right off.

Do florist even get a penny for these?  Doubt it.
But here I was, yes the crazy lady in your neighboring field clipping them like they were roses. 

Why, because His beauty over shadowed the worth of this little wild flower. 

What am I saying?

I’m offering you corn pudding today.  I know it’s corny, but it’s on my heart.

God can do GREAT things with a SIMPLE heart, a simple man, a simple offering...a simple wild flower.

And me, well I'm just a simple girl forever needing to be covered in grace.

Do you ever feel like a wild flower?

Not worth much. 

Certainly not in the “Rose” category.

And there is no way you’ll ever measure up to the Lily.

I know I do.

The good news, if we let God soak us until we are dripping with His spirit and unconditional love for others, we become wanted and sought after.

Comfort will be found in His beauty in you and what God intended for your life.

A wild flower, for everyday beauty.

Just like these little beauties that are now on my patio.

I’m soaking up every ounce of His beauty through them and I thought I'd share it with you.

P.S. Allen came home and said “what's the deal with the weeds?” He was joking, but there is a little truth in every joke, right?  Yes, I could have easily taken it as an insult, but I took it as a confirmation that this blessing was just between me and God and an answer to a simple girl's prayer to meet me at simple.



  1. I love Queen Anne's Lace! So simple, yet so beautiful. I used it in the bridal bouquets I just made, so, yes, florists pay a pretty penny for them!

    1. I love its beauty as well Suzanne and this particular day it was sprinkled with pixy dust. ;-) I guess I just assumed it didn't cost much since it's so plentiful... it's everywhere!

  2. Um. I felt every word of this post. Thank you. That is all.

    1. Thank you sweet Amy! I'm so delighted that you are a reader. Thank you for sharing with me your feelings about this post the other night. I hope Anna & Co. continues to be a place where we all can related, shared and strengthen each other.

  3. I think they look fabulous in this vase! Love all your photos-

    1. Thank you Mary! I actually enjoy their simple beauty as well.
      Blessings, Anna

  4. when i was little, we would pick queen annes lace from the fields surrounding our neighborhood and put food coloring in the vase. the flowers would absorb the color. it was subtle, but still fabulous as a kid. i'll have to look for some so that i can do this with june.

    1. i should note, the food coloring went into the water in the vase.

    2. Oh wow! That's a GRAND idea! I'll need to try this. Thank you for sharing!


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