Friday, June 15, 2012

Me & My Gang | The Story of E {Happy ONE TWO!}

~ Random Thoughts of E’s Journey to the Big ONE TWO ~

Currently he enjoy...
Loafing {just like any TWEEN}
Video Games
Making Survival Cord Watches/Bracelets
Doritos {he usually love them a half bag at a time}
Testing His Limits {see below}
Being Creative
Making People Laugh
Aggravating His Sister
Eating Ice
Music {he is the best "name that tune" guy around}

I always knew Ethan would be feisty.

I’m fairly certain he thought there were monkey bars in my tummy.

From the moment I saw him, I loved him.

Love greater than anything I’d ever known.

From the moment he could talk (right out of the womb) he was funny.

Seriously, I think I’ve laughed at this child every day since he was born.

The first time he was sick, I knew it before there were really any symptoms.

It’s true, a mom knows.

At 7 months old he got pneumonia.

I can remember watching him sleep and watching to make sure his itty-bitty chest was moving.

He was unfortunate to have ears with flat canals instead of inclined, so we spent a lot of time sleeping upright to help his comfort when enduring an ear infection.

There were several nights we both cried ourselves to sleep.

He’d cry and I’d cry right along with him.

I remember his best friend and never leave home without it sippy cup that he carried under his arm everywhere he went like a little wino.  ;-)

Here a drink, there a drink.

Pre-school was a big change for him.

I thought we’d never get through the transition, but it wasn’t too long he was running the place and set up camp in all the teacher’s hearts.

His best bud is Drew Taylor.

They’ve done most everything together since birth.

Ethan is always on guard for Drew.

Ethan’s Kindergarten teacher told us that she just knew she’d see him on TV one day or the Presidential campaign trail.

She said her mom would call her to get the latest scoop on Ethan.

You see, Ethan has always made people laugh with his wit.

From an early age we determined that he was extremely social.

He doesn’t really like the spotlight, but he loves people and LOVES to talk.

When Ethan was 5, he fell and sliced his chin open.

Our first major accident and our first ER visit.

Let me tell you, I hurt.

My heart ached having to watch him go through pain.

He was a champ and we got through it.

I remember when he told us he thought he was ready to be baptized.

It melted my heart.

He said “Mom, I really think I’m ready, but….”

I said “but what Ethan”.

He said “it’s just, I’ve done so much that I’m not sure baptism is okay for me”

At that point in time I got to teach the most amazing story of all to my E of God’s love and forgiveness to cover our sins.

After all, what’s the most a 10 year old could have done?

Fast forward a little bit and here we stare the teenage years in the face.

Me scratching my head thinking how did this happen and him pushing the envelope reminding me almost daily that he’s soon to be a teenager.

Why?  Why must he do that?

So, here we are E!  The big 12!  The year before you’re a teenager.

I look back at all the sleepless nights, the countless “hold you mommy”, the art projects gone bad, the nights before school projects are due, ALL THE HOMEWORK, the performances, the baseball games, the football games, the 400 million questions you’ve asked since you could talk, the noisy boy syndrome, the rocks and sticks in the laundry, the holes in your jeans, all the boo boos, all the kiss and make it betters, all the I’m sorry and I forgive yous, but most of all, all the love, joy and growth.

Ethan, it’s been such a joy watching you learn, grow, discover and become who you are today.

I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

You are mine and your dad’s one BIG experiment in life.

We’ve never been parents to a 12 year old before.

But I can assure you one thing, whatever comes our way in the years to come, we’ll get through it just like before.

You are FOREVER our June Bug!

Happy 12th Birthday!!!


P.S.  Thank you for giving me 20 minutes of your precious TWEEN time to shoot these photos.  I know it’s not your favorite thing and you are too cool for the camera now.  One day, you’ll thank me.

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