Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Simple Things | {6.3.12} Pink Blossoms

You may remember this post from a while back.

K started her very own back yard butterfly garden with a mixture of flowers.

This little girl loves her some flowers and has a bit of a romance with the color pink.

Couple the two and you have complete 4 year old bliss.

After much waiting, watering and a little bit mommy prayer, she has pink blossoms.

Her excitement was priceless!

She said "Mom, I think we need a picture".

E said "they're just flowers Kenzie"....such a boy.

Who doesn't love flowers in your favorite color?

I hope this Sunday and the following week brings your equivalent of "pink blossoms" and fills your heart with joy.


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  1. I love it! My little four year old loves pink as well. I would try to plant some flowers for her, but I know how that would end... BADLY! Such a beautiful picture.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I just added "I should be cleaning" to my blog roll. I look forward to your ongoing post. Blessings, Anna

  2. lovely photo, love how the blossoms really pop. And what a sweet story to go with it!

    1. Thank you hennymats! Just stopped by your place and checked it out. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Blessings, Anna

  3. Butterfly and flower! What a beautiful idea, and congrats to her on her first flowers!

    1. Thank you PreeiousKD! Looks like you have a little passion of shooting blossoms as well. Thanks for stopping by my place. Blessings, Anna


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