Friday, June 22, 2012

Thinking Out Loud | {Inspiration} Promises & Piggybacks

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Every day after work I’m greeted by the most precious emerald eyed little girl.

She does one of two things every time I come home.

She runs and hides behind a piece of furniture expecting me to play along like I can’t find her.

I usually loudly proclaim that I really wish Kenzie was around because I need an after work hug.

Or she bulldozes me over (bags and all) and yells “MOMMY, let’s play!”  

Play usually means piggyback rides.

Yes, piggyback rides right after a long day’s work when all I really want to do is sit down and free my mind for a moment.

I usually shake off the tired and run around the house like a wild horse and when I’m just about to faint, I make a piggyback promises for the next day.

Except this day I said “not today Kenzie, mommy is exhausted”.

She stood and looked at me with a blank stare and said “but yesterday you said tomorrow”.

She was right.  I had made a promise… a date for a piggyback ride.

When I saw her face, I knew she had taken my promise serious.

She was expecting a piggyback ride.

I had made my promise as a casual offering, but a 4 year old little girl was depending on it.

Have you ever made a promise?

Has anyone ever made a promise to you?

Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?

Said they’d show up and didn’t.

Said they will, but won’t.

It hurts, right?

This day, I was convicted in my heart to do better at not making casual promises, especially to my children.

Their trust is fragile and every broken promise chisels away at that trust.

They learn to trust us by us following through on what we say we will do.

They gain security in our words and depend on them to be true.

As small as it is to you and even when the very last thing you want to do that day is give a piggyback ride, I encourage you to keep your promise.

The other person may have been waiting for that promise ALL DAY.



  1. This was a great reminder. Too often we say "next time" or "maybe later" simply so we can move onto our next hopes that the kids won't remember the next time!

    1. Yes, true Holly. We are all guilty of it here and there. Thanks for stopping by and joining our discussion.
      Blessings, Anna

  2. My mom has always told me not to say "okay let's go get that now!" because your now might be tomorrow or the next day and children are so means now, tomorrow means tomorrow. They never forget. So I don't say we are leaving or doing something until we are doing it, because unintentionally life gets in the way sometimes. My real dad made promises to me all the time...I learned to take it with a grain of salt. I think it is important to stand behind promises that are made so that they are not just empty words. But what a good momma you are to recognize this...and not let life get in the way:)

    1. LeiShell, I'm so glad you stopped by to share your experience. Life lessons are the easiest to learn from and standing behind our promises doesn't only grow us, but it grows good character in our children. I always love hearing from you. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. so very true! june has always held me accountable for promises made to her, so i learned quickly that i must follow through.

    1. Funny how we learn so much about ourselves and how to grow our character by our little ones. You're a good mommy Kara. Blessings!


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