Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Simple Things {4.29.12} | A Hot Mess

Yesterday's temps and the boys being away at baseball practice invited a little girl time in the sun and some icy treats.

What do you get when you mix high temps with cool treats?


Thankfully the kiddie pool was close by to save us from all things sticky.

Hoping your Sunday and the week to come is filled with some hot sticky fun!!!


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me & My Gang | {Parenting} From Hats To Lids

How did  this little guy...

get to be this guy?

My precious E, my first born.

I "cut my teeth" on motherhood with this little guy and now he is about to lead me into yet another uncharted territory (for me) of the preteen world.

A world where hats are lids, shoes are kicks and girls get prettier.

I seem to be saying "you'll need to talk to your dad" a whole lot more these days.


I walked in his room the other day and realized I just passed the preteen gateway as I found this....

Lord help me!

Do all preteen/teenager boys do this?

I don't usually try to point out my little one's short comings here on the blog, but today we are keeping it real.

Room cleaning or the lack thereof.

He organizes his video games in alphabetical order.

Seriously, no joke, they are numbered.

He gets that one honestly.

I would label everything in my house if I could find the time or the energy.

However, with E, there is a bit of problem when it comes to keeping things tidy in the boy shack.

He's a good kid, he really is, but my job is to make him a good adult, right?

So, at this point I'm somewhere in the middle of "let him be a kid" and "he needs to know this life skill".

I guess I will stick to my faithful rule of thumb of "picking my battles".

Meaning, make sure that I'm not fighting battles of selfishness, i.e., what I want, instead of molding him a good person.  Also, recognizing there is an entire generation gap between us and I may not like his hair choices or his "kicks" (aka: shoes) choices, but at the end of the day those aren't things that make or break his character (obviously, I'm saying that within reason).  I know boundaries must be establish, but I think it's my job to make sure those aren't selfish boundaries and are truly for his well being and for the good of his future.

I want to believe that I'm more the "voice of reason" than his dad.  Allen is a little more old school and I have to occasionally remind him that back int he day his parents didn't like his rolled sleeves, tight rolled pants and those few hairs he claimed as a "stache", but did those things really matter at the end of the day?

Kudos to all the mommies and parents that have walked this path before me.

I've said it before, I've got this "Mommy" thing somewhat figured out with the exception of the occasional curve ball, but I have a lot to learn on the "Mom" side of things.

Wish me luck with all the struggles phases I'm about to be introduced to as a mother of a preteen.

All that said, I love my E!!!

I would love to hear any advice/feedback on parenting preteens/teenagers that you may have.

Perhaps things that have worked for you.

What are some of the early development life skills to target?


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Simple Things {4.22.12} | Tippy Toes

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

I think from the time I became a mommy I've loved little toes and tooshes.

These tippy toes could very well be called "sneaky feet".

K's goal was to land a little bit of chocolate from the candy buffet.

Do you blame her?

I hope your Sunday was filled with blessings... and maybe a little chocolate.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Me & My Gang | Happy Weekend & Sibling Shenanigans

Hey, it's me, the girl that used to have time to blog!  

I'm still alive, just been somewhat swamped this week with this thing called life...not to mention the 63 hour liquid fast/cleanse, i.e. no food, I did this past week.  I'll have to fill you in on my Biggest Loser team at work soon.  Fun stuff!

I didn't want the week to pass by tell you how much I love hearing from all of you throughout the week.

Whether it's via facebook, email or here on the blog.  You make me smile.

I love and gain so much strength and inspiration from fellow bloggers.

I thought I would at least leave you with a pic that made me smile this past week.

This is what big brothers do to little sisters.  My goodness!

~ Gangsta K ~
Sorry for the fuzziness.  It was taken at night with my iPhone and I had to get it quick, but I just couldn't pass up sharing.

Don't worry, there is enough glitter running through her veins to trump being dressed like a boy.

Funny how she was acting the part of a street gangster...where in the world did she learn that?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Simple Things {4.16.2012} | New Life

~ featured here ~

Isn't it a beauty?!

We were swinging this weekend and the mother bird was terribly nervous which was a red flag that there must be nest near.

We browsed around and found NEW LIFE in one of our laurels!

The epitome of Spring? life.

Hoping your Sunday brings about new life in some way, shape or form.

Happy Spring!!!


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Design | Cinderella Tablescape & Free Printables

As promised here, I'm back with a few details of the Princess Cinderella tablescape
along with FREE PRINTABLES!!!

You can get the entire printable package HERE.

Read more for details...

I started by downloading a photo of Cinderella from the web and converting it to a solid silhouette and then cutting out using an edging knife.  Yeah, the Silhouette Cameo would have been easier, but it's still on the wish list.  I combined the silhouettes with a mirrored silver chargers, white doilies and clear plates.

I rented a vintage crown at a local costume shop and added two ceramic doves.

I downloaded this shoe template and filled with mints at each place setting and punched one of the printables for tagging.

The Mr. made me place card holders out of these wooden finials from Lowe's and combined with the free printable place card made with ribbon and sticker diamonds from Michaels.
The centerpiece was downloaded art from the web hung "wishing tree" style coupled with a framed printable.

I also added the Brothers Grimm original Cinderella story for the guest's reading pleasure along with candles and scattered diamonds for a little glamour.

I hope you enjoyed and perhaps can use one of the printables used in this table styling.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to use the printables.

You can get them here.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me & My Gang | Recapping Happenings of Easter

~ The Egg Hunt ~
A week before Easter our little town was hosting an Easter egg hunt and we just happened to be free that Saturday morning.  The day came, and in my mind both kids would grab their baskets and we would head out to gather little colorful vessels filled with sweet happiness.  During our web visit to verify details of the hunt, we also verified that it was up to age 10.  I must admit, it hurt my heart.

I went to E’s room where he was hanging and sat on his bed and in my serious somber voice began to explain to him that he was welcome to go, but he couldn’t hunt eggs because it was for little ones.   He looked at me and did the ole’ whatever face along with “Pfffttt, don’t worry about it mom, I wouldn’t have went anyway, even if I was 10”.  Clearly the news about the hunt impacted me more than him.

He’s growing up and mommy is being forced to let go a little bit at a time.

K was kind enough to gather plenty of eggs for both her and her Big B.

She visited with some special friends too!

Then came home and opened each one and then hung them on her egg tree.  Fun!!!

~ Tinting Eggs ~

Not so fast grim reaper of youth!

My little man was still eager to assist with tinting eggs this year.

It was good ole’ messy fun!

I’ve said it before, sometimes making messes is really making memories.

They turned out pretty cute!
~ Easter Morning ~

If your family is anything like mine, Easter is laced with a hint of chaos.

  Scratch that, every Sunday morning is a bit chaotic.

Here's a peek at our Easter morning happenings in the midst of rushing around, finding shoes, spraying hair, looking for get the picture.

My crew didn't find the humor in photos, but managed to smile while a few were snapped.

Maybe they'll appreciate it 20 years from now.


I hope your Easter was blessed with some-bunny's love!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Faith | Hoping for Hope

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." | Romans 15:13

I’m hoping the significance of yesterday {Easter} has brought you renewed hope in your spirit.

I hope the love of Jesus has settled in your heart.

I hope His sacrifice and what He did somehow in your mind defines your worth and not the things of this world.

I hope you know He loves you as you are and not the imaginary state of perfect you hope to be.

I hope the simple word Easter means more than candy and bunnies.


That’s what He brings us.

Hope for peace and prosperity.

Hope for your future.

Hope for the lost and lonely.

Hope for the sick.

Hope for the depressed.

Hope for the weary.

Hope that there is truly salvation and eternal life with Him.

Hoping your Easter was filled with HOPE, His love and renewed strength for this life we live.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Faith | Good Friday {It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming}

I know most have seen or heard this sermon, but I believe it's worth sharing again. 

This particular video is set to scenes from The Passion of Christ and it's POWERFUL!!!

Whether you are a believer or not, today is a day to reflect.

I happen to believe this story.

I believe He was born of a virgin.

I believe He walked the earth.

I believe He healed the blind.

I believe He fed multitudes.

I believe He turned water into wine.

I believe He was betrayed.

I believe He died on a cross with thorns.

I believe in His resurrection.


I believe He did it ALL for me... and you!!!

Amazing that the world's worst day and most amazing day were only two days apart.

This is a message of hope and salvation to all who choose to accept and believe.

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!!!!!


Faith | Good Friday {Greater Love Hath No Man}

Greater love hath no man....

May the power of the sacrifice that took place on this day many years ago bring you hope and induce the choice for the plan of salvation in your life.

Jesus...the PERFECT standard for our life and how we live it.

Blessings to you this Good Friday & throughout the Easter holiday,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Month In Photos | March 2012

Once again, late and only possible via iPhoneography.

March was one crazy month!  Work and working out just about killed me.

Somehow, I managed to capture a few happenings in the midst of my own March Madness.

1. It doesn't get much better than Spring here in these parts.  It's absolutely beautiful!!!

2. Cha-ching!  Ethan counting his tickets at the skate center.  I remember that feeling as that number topped a couple hundred hoping for that hot pink bracelet which inadvertently cost me $20.  :-)

3. K learning life skills...flossing her pearly whites.

4. The Mr. crossed a milestone this month.  I'll leave it unsaid since he's still a puppy.

5. Polishing those itty bitty piggies is becoming a reoccurring thing these days.

6. Just a little bit of hockey tonkin' with the family.

7. Roller skating with her assistant and LOVING it!

8. Our sugary treat for St. Patrick's Day.

9. E spray painted all of his Nerf equipment black.  Now, I could do one of two things.  Start worrying or just relax because he gets it honestly.  His dad loves guns and I love spray paint.

10. I'm a sucker for my sweet little sucker lover.

11. My little boy isn't so little anymore.  He's riding trails with his daddy and the big boys. *sniffle*

12. K and I goofing off sending daddy silly iPhone pics.

13. The shoes!  You can read about them here.

14. Have I mentioned that I'm on a Biggest Loser team at work?  You know, those last 15 pounds that seems to stick around.  We are BeneFITs and as of this update we were in 5th place.  Since then we've moved up to 4th.  Wish us luck!  There is cash at stake.

15. K's green thumb is paying off.  Her little flowers are beginning to blossom.

16. While the boys were away riding, K and I visited a local store front to drool over some little long eared furry friends.  'Tis the season.

17. Chocolate syrup smiley face pancakes make any morning happy.


March, you were so much fun and full of fun filled happenings, but I must say I'm kind of glad you are a thing of the past.  You exhausted me!

I'm inviting April with a less packed schedule and the start of Spring baseball.

Ok, scratch that less packed schedule, but at least it's not work.

Blessings to you as we enter this beautiful month of April!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Currently Craving | Grain Sack {Burlap} Pillows

Did you know?

I have a little romance with burlap and/or grain sack.

I love the farmhouse feel it lends laced with southern elegance.

I'm a sucker for neutrals and natural elements in decor.

While a lot of folks will be hunting little colorful eggs this season, this girl is on the hunt for these beautiful little beauties.
{12 .3 .4.}
You?  What is your decor style?  What are you currently craving?

I would love for you to share.

If you want to take a peek at more of what I dream about, you can visit Anna & Co on Pinterest or Houzz.


Me & My Gang | Once Upon A Time

I can't believe that I neglected to share this with you guys!

My church hosts a Friendship Night every year in February.  Each year there is a theme.  I think last year it was New York City and the year before that it was a Southern Belle theme.  One year it was Paris Fashion.  It's just the ladies and it focuses on friendship, sharing and just plain ole' good girl boys allowed. 

Oh yeah, and the best part is that it's a costume party.  This year, in addition to costumes, some of the ladies were asked to assist with themed table settings related to "Once Upon a Time".

I was AMAZED at the talent that was displayed in that one event room.

The top left photo is "The Princess & The Pea"...adorable setting by Peonies & Buttercups.

Can you imagine?  Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & The Bean Stalk and the list goes on and on!
~ iPhone captures ~
I'm really regretting not getting better/more photos of all the costumes and table settings, but I forgot my camera and didn't have it in my possession until the event was under way.

Normally, I invite some dear friends and go as a Girls Night Out, but this year I invited a VERY SPECIAL guest, my sweet K. 

I couldn't even think about going to this event with this theme without her.  

She was over the moon excited to dress as a Pink Princess and go the the Once Upon a Time Ball!!!

Why is mommy not dressed in a costume?

Well, I kind of put all my energy into the Cinderella tablescape.

I was asked to style a table and ended up with CINDERELLA!!!!

Here's how it turned out.

Aunt C, K and I had a "BALL" preparing the details for the Cinderella table!

I hope to share a few details and FREE Cinderella printables used in the table setting soon!!!

Stay tuned....

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